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    • 2018 Commercial Code Changes

      This course is for contractors and inspectors that deal with the construction codes daily in their activities. The students will be updated on the code changes for the Commercial codes relating to Pennsylvania. The class will also cover the NEC-2017.

    • 2018 IRC Deck Building

      This class is a “from the ground to handrail” look at building a deck to meet the building codes. Every year somewhere a deck fails, and someone gets hurt or worse. Our job requires we take a detailed look at deck plans and conduct responsible onsite inspections. This class will try to help you meet that goal.

    • 2018 Residential Code Changes

      This course is for Contractors and Inspectors that encounter construction codes daily in their activities. Students will be updated on the code changes for the residential codes relating to Pennsylvania. The NEC-2017 will also be covered in this course. 4 CE 0.4 CEU

    • Applying Building codes to Cannabis Facilities

      This course is designed to help code officials, architects, owners, and inspectors with the application of building codes on cannabis facilities. It is not intended to cover every aspect of code on cannabis facilities. It is intended to address areas that may be a little different for cannabis facilities and how cultivation, processing and sales of cannabis are different than other industrial processes. This course will show how the IBC codes are used in this type of facility.

    • Commercial Kitchens

      This training will familiarize Code Inspectors, Contractors with codes associated with Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants. The course will cover ADA requirements, Facility layouts, exhaust hoods, plumbing requirements, electrical requirements, and General regulations. This course is based on the 2015 IBC and associated codes.

    • Concrete

      This course will cover the the following subjects: ACI 332 - Footers & Walls - Discussing the requirements when using stepped / jump footers. How to achieve a continuous footing without using formed jumps. Includes the design for rebar placement and anchors. Superior Wall Inspections - Focusing on why/how the systems work and what an inspector should be on the lookout for. Frost Protection Shallow Footers - How using insulation properly sized and place can reduce the depth of your foundation.

    • Fire Resistant Design

      This course will familiarize the student with Fire Resistant designs used in the residential and commercial applications. The course is based on the IRC and IBC 2015 codes. Different types of fire rated material will be discussed that are commonly used in the construction process. IBC Chapters 703, 706 and NFPA 221 will be discusses. The course will go into detail on Firewalls, Fire Barriers, fire doors and fire partitions. Also discussed will be the requirement in the IRC on Fire resistance construction. The course is design for contractors and building inspectors.

    • Property Maintenance Inspections

      The course will be based on the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code. Classroom discussion will include Scope and Applications, Enforcement, General Requirement and Physical elements of buildings.

    • Residential Electric Inspector

      This course is for students who want to get in the field of Electrical Inspections. The course is the first course in the Inspector Series©. This course will give the student knowledge to become a Residential Electrical Inspector. This course will cover the electrical chapters from the IRC-2018 and the NEC-2017. It will also review the requirements that public unities have and their inspection requirements. This four-day course will help prepare the student for the ICC testing for certification.

    • Residential Electric Update

      This course is designed for Contractors, Electricians and Residential Electrical Inspectors. The course is based on the 2018 International Residential Codes and the NEC 2017. It will also cover utility requirements for services. The course will cover the requirements for temporary services, residential services for single and multi-family dwellings, Arc-fault and GFCI’s, Generators, Panels, and general wiring requirements.

    • Residential Provisions 2015 International Energy Conservation

      This course is designed for Residential Energy Building Inspectors, Architects and Contractors. This will cover the following areas of the IECC, Scope and application/ Administrative and enforcement, Definitions, General requirements, Residential energy efficiency and existing buildings. This will also address all IRC as it relates to the energy code. Code buildings are more comfortable and cost effective to operate, assuring energy, economic and environmental benefits.

    • Residential Solar Plan Review and Inspections

      This course will cover installations for Residential Rooftop PV systems. Plan review, Field Inspection and the Model Inspection checklist for residential Rooftop PV put out by IREC. This course is based on 2015 IRC and the NEC 2014 codes.

    • Residential Sprinkler Inspections

      This course will cover residential sprinklers systems in Dwelling units, manufacture homes, modular homes, and townhouses. The course is designed for code inspectors and contractors. the course will cover all major components of a home sprinkler system. The course uses the 2016 edition of NFPA 12D and the 2015 IRC codes.

    • Safety Glazing

      This class is designed to explain the various locations where safety glazing is required. The primary emphasis is on residential uses, however many of the requirements are also found in commercial uses. We will look at the most common locations along with the most common misunderstood code requirements. Alternative methods to comply for the code requirements will also be discussed.

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