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    • Door Blower Testing for Home Inspectors

      This course will teach the basics on how to preform a residential door blower test. It will discuss the requirements of the structure to be tested. The student will learn the proper setup for the test. Students will perform an actual test on the trainer.

    • Fire Resistant Design

      This course will familiarize the student with Fire Resistant designs used in the residential and commercial applications. The course is based on the IRC and IBC 2015 codes. Different types of fire rated material will be discussed that are commonly used in the construction process. IBC Chapters 703, 706 and NFPA 221 will be discusses. The course will go into detail on Firewalls, Fire Barriers, fire doors and fire partitions. Also discussed will be the requirement in the IRC on Fire resistance construction. The course is design for contractors and building inspectors.

    • House of Horrors Self Guided Study

      Hands on is the best way to learn! Come do your own study tour of our House of Horrors. Walk through at your own pace and use the best learning tool in the industry to further your inspection knowledge.

    • HVAC and Heating

      Northeast Training Institute has put together a complete overview of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This course covers common central heating systems installed in a residential dwelling. Oil fired, Gas Fired, Geo-Thermal, Solar, Coal as well as Central Cooling, Heat Pumps and Mini Splits. Upon completion, you will have an understanding of how each system functions and inherent limitations. Examples of various systems are located in the "HOUSE OF HORRORS®"

    • Marketing 101

      Now that you made the decision to be self-employed, where are you going to get your referrals from. This course is designed to introduce you to networking, marketing through social media, and tricks to establish credibility.

    • Multi Unit Residential Inspections

      So, you're looking to take your inspection business to the next level. Learn what to look for when inspecting a multi-unit residential dwelling. Identify the common systems found in the dwelling and how services are cross supplied to tenants.

    • NETI House of Horrors Tour

      Welcome to the NETI House of Horrors®. This guided tour will bring you through our state of the art facility here in beautiful Bloomsburg Pennsylvania. You will first tour our building and classrooms with one of our team members, learning about all we have to offer our students. The second half of the tour brings you to our House of Horrors®. With over 1,000 building defects this is the ultimate learning tool. The tour will walk you through the house answering any questions about what our house has to offer.

    • OSHA Training

      If you have employees, this class discusses the safety of you and your employees by addressing your specific industry. Come enjoy a round table discussion on industry health and safety.

    • Property Maintenance Inspections

      The course will be based on the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code. Classroom discussion will include Scope and Applications, Enforcement, General Requirement and Physical elements of buildings.

    • Residential Electric Inspector

      This course is for students who want to get in the field of Electrical Inspections. The course is the first course in the Inspector Series©. This course will give the student knowledge to become a Residential Electrical Inspector. This course will cover the electrical chapters from the IRC-2018 and the NEC-2017. It will also review the requirements that public unities have and their inspection requirements. This four-day course will help prepare the student for the ICC testing for certification.

    • Residential Electric Update

      This course is designed for Contractors, Electricians and Residential Electrical Inspectors. The course is based on the 2018 International Residential Codes and the NEC 2017. It will also cover utility requirements for services. The course will cover the requirements for temporary services, residential services for single and multi-family dwellings, Arc-fault and GFCI’s, Generators, Panels, and general wiring requirements.

    • Residential Provisions 2015 International Energy Conservation

      This course is designed for Residential Energy Building Inspectors, Architects and Contractors. This will cover the following areas of the IECC, Scope and application/ Administrative and enforcement, Definitions, General requirements, Residential energy efficiency and existing buildings. This will also address all IRC as it relates to the energy code. Code buildings are more comfortable and cost effective to operate, assuring energy, economic and environmental benefits.

    • Residential Solar Plan Review and Inspections

      This course will cover installations for Residential Rooftop PV systems. Plan review, Field Inspection and the Model Inspection checklist for residential Rooftop PV put out by IREC. This course is based on 2015 IRC and the NEC 2014 codes.

    • Residential Sprinkler Inspections

      This course will cover residential sprinklers systems in Dwelling units, manufacture homes, modular homes, and townhouses. The course is designed for code inspectors and contractors. the course will cover all major components of a home sprinkler system. The course uses the 2016 edition of NFPA 12D and the 2015 IRC codes.

    • Safety Glazing

      This class is designed to explain the various locations where safety glazing is required. The primary emphasis is on residential uses, however many of the requirements are also found in commercial uses. We will look at the most common locations along with the most common misunderstood code requirements. Alternative methods to comply for the code requirements will also be discussed.