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    • Sewer Scope Training

      This course is design to give home inspectors the training needed to operate a sewer camera on residential and commercial property inspections. It will familiarize students on the proper techniques to perform this service for their customers. Discussing different piping systems which would be found in the inspection field.

    • Superior Walls

      This course teaches the inspector the proper plan review and inspection process for Superior wall foundations. It will cover the construction of the walls, the proper footers, how the IRC pertains to these walls and the proper method of attaching decks to these walls.

    • Swimming Pools Based on 2017 NEC

      The requirements contained in article 680 apply to the instillation of electrical wiring and equipment for swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and hydromassage tubs. The overriding concern of this article is to keep people and electricity separated. This course will explore this article in detail.

    • Well and Septic

      Well and Septic systems can be intimidating. Major components and functions are typically not visible. Extensive liability is present, health risks and environmental concerns exist. This course will discuss the different types of systems out in the field, common defects, how to identify them, and various testing procedures. In house examples and demonstrations located at the "HOUSE OF HORRORS®"

    • Zoning Official

      Familiarize yourself with the latest and greatest Zoning requirements out there. Zoning changes from location to location, this course will give you the heads up on what red flags to look for and where to go to ask the right questions and get the right answers.

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