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    • Advanced Electrical

      Interested in becoming familiar with how residential electrical service has evolved. From Knob and Tube wiring with fuses to today's standard 200-amp Square D Box. Examples of the different types of wiring used and common defects found. Common electrical boxes found in the field and on-site examples will be demonstrated at the "HOUSE OF HORRORS®"

    • Residential Electric Update

      This course is designed for Contractors, Electricians and Residential Electrical Inspectors. The course is based on the 2018 International Residential Codes and the NEC 2017. It will also cover utility requirements for services. The course will cover the requirements for temporary services, residential services for single and multi-family dwellings, Arc-fault and GFCI’s, Generators, Panels, and general wiring requirements.

    • Residential Solar Plan Review and Inspections

      This course will cover installations for Residential Rooftop PV systems. Plan review, Field Inspection and the Model Inspection checklist for residential Rooftop PV put out by IREC. This course is based on 2015 IRC and the NEC 2014 codes.