Well and Septic

Well and Septic systems can be intimidating. Major components and functions are typically not visible. Extensive liability is present, health risks and environmental concerns exist. This course will discuss the different types of systems out in the field, common defects, how to identify them, and various testing procedures. In house examples and demonstrations located at the "HOUSE OF HORRORS®"

Goal: Students will learn how to perform an inspection of the septic system of a home and good practices related to inspecting systems and components in private wells. The course is intended to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of well water quality and safety. Learning and understanding these standards will allow the inspector to effectively recognize defects in condition and installation of well components and systems.

After successful completion of course requirements, students will be able to:

  • Describe two type of inspections of onsite waste water (septic) treatment systems
  • Perform a maintenance inspection
  • Perform a functional inspection
  • Write an inspection report based upon observations made during the inspection

Course Syllabus

Training topics to include:

  • Tools required
  • General information
  • Permission to inspect
  • Gathering information prior to the inspection
  • Evaluate the plumbing of a house
  • Locate and evaluate the components of the system
  • Scheduling maintenance inspections
  • Report to the client
  • Inspection forms and report
  • Additional suggested comments for the inspection report
  • Calculating tank volume
  • Sewage flow
  • Septic system activities
  • Onsite system inspection form
  • Terminology for onsite water waste (septic) treatment systems
  • Homeowner’s guide to septic systems

Course Additional Information

Included with your NETI experience:

  • Breakfast and lunch provided (TBD)
  • Package of 4 sample septic inspection documents
  • Sample inspection report

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