House of Horrors® 3

Number of Defects


InterNachi's® House of Horror's® 3 will test inspectors abilities to spot and document building issues. Self-guided and instructor training available!

NETI x InterNachi® House of Horrors® 3

At the center of the Northeast Training Institute's facility is the 1400 sq/ft two-story House of Horrors® 3 with 740 sq/ft of inspectable deck space and a full height 600sq/ft basement, which contains over 1000 defects in structural, wiring, plumbing and mechanicals. Part of a number of the InterNachi® training courses, the HOH3 will allow inspectors of all levels to hone their skills and receive hands on evaluation of some of the most common and most rare cases that may exist. From learning to spot hot tub deck disasters to spotting that penny fuse box trick, the HOH3 will be sure to test any inspector's skills.

Complete with a basement, crawlspace, garage and walkable roof, there isn't any area of home an inspector will be intimidated by after learning on the HOH3. NETI offers, in-person instructional courses, self-guided courses, along with tours of the space for anyone who may be interested in finding out more about what it takes to become a home inspector.

During your InterNachi® classroom course, access to the HOH3 is included with the availability of a variety of tools to use. Get hands on with some of the latest gadgets out there.

House of Horrors® Training Courses

Boots on the Ground

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Advanced Electrical

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HVAC and Heating

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Roofing and Exterior

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Well and Septic

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Congratulations to the inaugural Boots of the Ground students!

Within 48 hours of completing our very first Boots on the Ground course, both students passed the InterNachi® exam are now Certified Professional Inspectors. Congratulations to Lynn and John and we look forward to seeing you out there!

Looking to become a home inspector? Check out our 5-day intensive Boots on the Ground course.